New Garage Door


Complete the look of your new property in Enterprise, Nevada by having it installed with a brand new garage door. Here at Gold Star Garage Door Repair Enterprise, you can find them at the most affordable prices. More than that, you have a lot of choices as well and have an access with the best installation services you can find in town. Call us now at (702) 213-3491 and let us assist you when it comes to choosing the best garage door for your home.



Have you already thought of the best garage door you want for your home? Not yet? Then no worries because we can help you out in making a sound choice. We have technicians here who have handled new garage door installations for many years now. With that being said, they already know how to mix and match the garage door to a specific architectural structure, but also to the right parts and components.

Of course, we will not just choose randomly. We are going to consider your inputs, preferences, and specifications in making the right choice. We are also going to consider your location because certain materials like vinyl, for example, would do best especially if you are living near the sea because it is less likely to be tarnished by the sea breeze and the spray of the sea water. We’ll walk you through all these technicalities for FREE of charge and just in case you are able to choose already, we are also going to give you FREE estimates so that you can be prepared.



One of the reasons stopping homeowners from getting a garage door for their home is the cost. Learn that here at Gold Star Garage Door Repair Enterprise, that should not be a source of concern. We offer the most affordable garage door here compared to any other garage door companies and marketplaces. Plus, they are even equipped with generous discounts and promos. More than that, they come with a manufacturer’s warranty and even lifetime warranty on some of the products. If these are not good deals enough then please know that all of their garage doors are from top quality brands. We never settle for less so you will only get the best from us.



You’ve gotten from us the best products, then why not let us install it as well? In that way, you can have the best through and through. We’ll make sure that everything will be in perfect condition after we have installed the garage door and we will never leave you behind unless you have the big smile on your face for the garage door installation. We always put your satisfaction first so you can only expect the best from us. Call us now at (702) 213-3491 for more information about our products. Expect that our friendly customer service representatives will assist you in no time.